The Scales of War

Current Adventure: Shadow Rift of the Umbraforge

Having evidently thwarted the Horde master Tusk and his barely-diverted attempt at bringing an army through the maze of tunnels under the Stonehome Mountains, the All-Knighters return to Overlook to claim their reward, and to inform the Council of the goings-on at the Monastery and the Vents (hopefully giving Kalad the Dour his due honors). Before them stretches the largest urban expanse in the Vale, and the All-Knighters have coins in their pockets.

But what of this strange key? And the note from the Emissary that they found on the body of Sinruth? Who had sent the Lost Ones against the All-Knighters in an attempt to recover it? Who is Modra, and what secrets lie beneath the Happy Beggar?

Strange things are afoot, and while it may be delayed, evil is rarely put off forever… Dark forces are moving in unseen places, and perhaps it is only the All-Knighters that have the tenacity to stand against them.

These are their continuing adventures…

House Rules <—- UPDATED

The All-Knighters in Scales of War

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