The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 11: Victory at the Sundered Chain

The Dwarves of the Sundered Chain avenged and laid to rest

The Session leapt off to a rollicking start, leaping directly into the battle with Og, the Orog Champion who had brutally beaten the last survivor of the Monetary to within a fraction of his life. The battle was fierce, with the party facing off against 6 Drudges, 2 Berserkers, an Eye of Gruumsh, and Og himself. The Drudges were slain before they even got as much as a Peter Jackson Approved barking bellow off, between the enthusiasm of Hal and Tor. This turned out to be a good thing, as once Og entered the battle, things became pitched indeed. Falco deftly prevented being laid open as Og took great Exception to being Ray-of-Enfeebled, and the Poor, much-maligned Eye of Gruumsh was not only pitched into a forge, but was laid prone within the forge, after taking both of Tor’s feet to the neck.

Incinerated before he could use many of his more supportive abilities, the Eye was unable to assist. However, the Bezerkers and Og showed themselves to be doughty indeed, and were able to lay Silus low, and though the battle went back-and-forth several times, the All Knighters were ultimately victorious, saving the last survivor of heMonestary, a de-bearded dwarf Paladin with a terribly haunted look about him named Kalad.

With Kalad’s assistance, the party made their way to the final choke-point in the tunnels below the Stonehome Mountains, a place he called “the Nexus,” with was built off of a volcanic vent zone called, appropriately, the Vents. There they found a campsite and tracks clearly leading into the Vents, presumably those of the Freeriders, one of the other adventuring companies that had been sent by Overlook to assist in preparing the defenses.

Making their way through the mist-filled and sulfurous vents, it took the party two tries to make their way successfully to the Deep Tunnels, from which the Nexus had been constructed. Once there, they found that it seemed that the Nexus has indeed already been over-run by Orcs. After luring them into an ambush, the party utterly devastated the orcs who had made it to the entrance to the Vents, but are now faced with a long (over 100’), wide hallway devoid of cover of any sort and evidently guarded by three constructs – an Arbalester and two Iron Guardians – who stand silently some distance ahead. The hallways is an Orc Abattoir, with dozens of Orc bodies littering the area.

XP and “the Lootz”
Base XP:

The Chamber of Works (1,264xp) + Navigating the Vents (300xp) + Entering the Vents (500xp) = 2064xp, divided 4 ways = 516XP base.

Superminions are no longer included as “active” PC’s when dividing XP among the party, but receive 80% of the base value of XP to keep from falling too far behind.

Bonus XP:
  • Falco: +30% = 671xp
  • Hal: +0% = 516xp
  • Tor: +30% = 671xp
  • Silus: +20% = 619xp
  • Lamorik: Superminion rate (80% of base): 413xp
  • Gold: 90 GP in coins, 240gp in (portable) art objects
  • Silver: 400 SP
  • Items: 1 potion of Healing (Tor, I think?) and a +2 Dynamic Longsword (Lamoric’s, if memory serves)



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