The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 12: My Enemy's Ally is ... My Enemy too!

The All-Knighters proceed into the Nexus, undaunted.

Faced with a corpse-littered hallway and a group of three automatons, the All-Knighters did as they are wont to do: charge down the hallway with gleeful abandon! Naturally, Silus was the first to trip the automated crossbow trap, but not the last, and while the party only tripped half of the automated defenses, between the two automated crossbows, two Iron Defenders, and an Arbalest, the All-Knighters were able to scrape past. Tor, in particular, was flickering back and forth between bloodied and not. The Superminion-ified Hal and Lamorik pulled yeoman’s service, taking more than their fair share of damage, and (Frank will be happy to hear) actually racking up a Kill or two despite their automated state.

In the room following, a vast stone room dominated by massive iron pipes running along the walls, the party was peppered with arrows from Orc Scouts while Drudges charged them, heedless of the inevitable consequences. Again, it as only from the blessings of the Raven Queen that the party emerged triumphant. Several of the Scouts tried to escape, but between Hal, Lamorick and the Kallad (Dwarven Paladin that they had rescued from the Sundered Chain), they were stopped (that is, killed mercilessly) before they could open the iron-banded doors.

The most notable foe they faces was the Dark One who flickered in from the shadows just long enough to sheathe a dagger into Tor’s back, but ended up taking a mad Crane’s Wing assault in return, but the question remains, why would a Dark One be working with Orcs?

  • A Milestone has been reached, so everyone starts next session with +1 Action Point card
  • The Gauntlet: 775XP
  • The Boiler Room: 1095XP
  • Sub-total: 1870XP
  • Per PC base: 623XP
  • Tor: 623+20% = 747xp total
  • Falco: 632+40% = 872xp total
  • Silus: 623+20% = 747xp total
  • Hal & Lamorik: 623-20% = 498xp
  • we had to bounce out fast at the end of the session so I could catch my train, but I will assume that you looted the bodies as needed.
  • Also found in the room is the beheaded corpse of Jen, the Half-elf Warlock who was a member of the Farstriders.
  • Among the strangely vaporous remains of the Dark Creeper was found a large metal key of strange design…

Between all the bodies (including Jen) the party accumulated:

  • 2 potions of healing,
  • 2 gems worth about 100 GP each,
  • 80 GP loose, and
  • a magic belt.

I am assuming that between Falco and Silus, it would be identified as an Ironskin belt (Level 5 item, grants Resist 5 to all weapon damage until the end of your next turn as a Daily).



I vote for Tor or Hal to hold down that belt. Then Falco and Silus pull down one of those potions of healing each and then we split the gold after that in a fair way


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