The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 13: We'd better kill them all. Its the only way to be sure.

Not willing to leave anything to sneak up behind them, the All-Knighters purge the Orcish Taint.

After bringing the suddenly far more animated Lamorik back up to speed on all, or at least the highlights, of the blood and conquest he had engaged in, the All-knighters strode purposefully through the doors leading from what Kallad called “the Boiler Room.” Beyond those doors lay a wide hallway, stretching to the left, the right, and straight ahead. Ahead of them lay the door to the Nexus (again, according to Kallad’s unerring memory), while to the left and right lay a Garrison’s quarters and a Temple of Moradin, respectively. A light shone through the slightly open door to the Quarters, but the sight of a Drudge and the horrible wet sounds coming from the Temple demanded immediate attention.

To quote a famous warrior whose ultimate fate hopefully does not reflect anyone of this intrepid party,

“Oh look, they brought a Cave Troll.”

And so they did. A pitched battle ensued, as the Party faced their first regenerating creature, as well as a pair of Orc grenadiers and their Drudge companions. My only regret was that while I finally DID manage to get a grab on someone, I was not able to use them as a weapon… a pity.

Once the Troll was downed, and the chain-reaction of exploding Grenadiers was completed, the Temple was purified by Kalad, and the party continued, heading across the hallway and utterly pureeing a squad of Orcs with such a successful use of a Monk daily power that it caused a Cavern Choker to piss itself in fear.

  • A Milestone was reached, so +1 AP for next session (except Hal)
  • Shrine to Moradin: 764 XP
  • Dwarf Quarters: 645 xp
  • Sub-Total: 1409 xp, divided 4 ways = 352 XP base
  • Lamoric: 457
  • Hal: 281
  • Tor: 457
  • Silus: 457
  • Falco: 492
  • 1x potion of Healing
  • Boots of Spider Climbing (which I believe Tor has)
  • 170gp, 300sp



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