The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 15: He could swim?

The All-Knighters return to Overlook, collect their reward for a job well done, and induct a new member.

So, we began the session, after much technical hand-wringing, retconning that rather than Lamorik having unbelievably survived the flooding of the Nexus, he did, in fact, die (Sorry Frank), though if need be, his well-poached body could conceivably be recovered if a resurrection proved to be needed.

Returning to Overlook, the All-Knighters (-1) got back to the Council Chambers at Caer Overlook, where the met Gront Gravenhorn, evidently a former champion gladiator minotaur who was complaining about the lack of defference that the secretary was giving him in his desire to be given an assignement as part of the defense of Bodrin’s Watch, even if he was mere days behind schedule… Conversations were had as they party awaited the arrival of the Councilman who was in meetings at the moment, and it was determined that Gront would be given a chance to prove his capabilities and, if all went well, become a full stake-holder in the All-Knighter’s franchise.

When Elder Cadrick finaly was able to join them, he immediately noticed that Lamorick was not, in fact, a 7’6" minotaur last he had seen him, and was saddened as much as was diplomatically appropriate by his passing. He also, for unknown and as yet undisclosed reasons, recognized Gront – perhaps the Elder has had some experience with the underground Arena Fighting circuit? – and when asked about the fate of the Monestary of the Sundered Chain, the following exchange occurred:

Cadrick: “So there were no survivors from the Monastery?”
Tor Lun: “Well, there was one person left alive, Kallad the Paladin.”
Cadrick: “Fantastic! I have heard of him, a warrior of great reknown, honor, and courage. But he is not with you?”
Silus: (morosely) “He fell at the Nexus.”
Tor Lun: (gravely) “He slew many orcs before he fell!”
Silus: (sincerity stretched badly) “Yes, 40 or more, with one hand behind his back.”
Tor Lun: (enthusiastically) “Underwater!”
Cadrick: (astonished) “He could swim?”
Tor and Silus: (flatly) “No.”

Taken to the Elder’s private chambers, the group was debriefed on the situation at Bodrin’s Watch, and it was suspected that while the scouts had determined that the Orc horde measured in the high tens of thousands, only a small fraction of that assaulted the Keep directly, leaving the Elder to wonder if the remaining forces were supposed to emerge from the Nexus and the Monastery, behind the lines, and were it not for the good work of the All-Knighters, Overlook would be heavily besieged, with the bulk of its forces engaged at the Watch.

Recognizing that it was only because the party covered both its task and that of the lamented and lost Farstriders, Cadrick presented them not only with their 1000 GP reward, but also that which was contracted for the Farstriders, fair pay for work completed.

From there, the party took some time to engage in what personal pursuits they liked, in this, the largest city in the region. Falco caught up on some ancient texts, Tor did … monk stuff (I can’t honestly remember what), Hal spent his days wandering the areas outside the boundaries of Overlook, hunting a huge wolf he had spied, while Gront and Silus offered thier services as preist and “Moves heavy things” guy at the Rookery of Bone.

After several days of this, Silus was summoned by the Rookery’s highest ranking preist, Father Gyre, a wretched and normally caustic man, who had seen many many winters, and heard many of the cries of the survivors. Surprisingly, however, the old man seemed to be vetting Silus, teasing out his knowledge of scripture as well as his sense of judgement and his opinion on taking the faith to the faithless in as … direct a way as necessary.

Seemingly pleased with Silus, Father Gyre presented him with the Deliverer, and told him to use it in health, some day to pass it on to another, as it ha been passed to him. Suitably humbled, Silus and Gront (who was busy at this point picking bits of things from his hooves) departed to meet up with the others.

Next, the All-Knighters decided to take an afternoon and go to Tradetown and take care of business. On the way back to the Mountain’s Hearth (the tavern in which they have a rented suite), the group was jumped by what at first seemed like muggers, but laughing soon faded into stoic battle-mindedness as the two Berserkers were reinforced by a wizard and three Guardsmen named Brad. Within moments, the battle was decided, leaving the party in possession of a scrap of parchment witha sketch of the strange key they had recovered from a Dark Creeper in the Nexus, and the word “Modra.” It was also discovered that all of the attackers wore an identical tattoo, of a theatre mask with no eyes. Identified by the Tavernkeeper at the Hearth as the Lost Ones – a major street gang in Overlook – the Party decided to see what they could learn about this “Modra” thing.

For days following, the All-Knighters scoured the city, gathering what information, overtly and clandestinely, about Modra. What they learned, after collecting what they knew, was that Modra was a Dark Creeper, and some kind of Front man from an arms dealer that worked out of Overlook. He was apparently on the lam, after a deal went bad. He had been looking for information about the tunnels under the Stonehome mountains, and had been seen speaking with a Shadar-Kai witch that fit the description of the crazy masochist Shadar-Kai that was working with Tusk. Once could conclude that it was Modra who had been supplying Tusk with the information, weapons, and armor he used to penetrate Overlook’s defenses, but the deal went badly (largely because of the intervention of the All-Knighters) and Modra was now on the run.

So, given his predicament, one wonders, why would he be so interested in that key?

Finally putting together all the pieces, the party is approached by a half-elven woman, equipped and armed as some sort of scout or ranger, who informed them that she had heard that they were looking for Modra, as was she but not, perhaps for the same reasons.


  • base: 975 + 700 = 1675, five ways = 335xp each
  • Silus: 435xp (DING)
  • Tor Lun: 402xp (DING)
  • Halcyon-01: 402xp
  • Gront: 402xp
  • Falco: 402xp (DING)



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