The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 16: Beneath the Happy Beggar

In which the question is asked, do you really want to anger a Paladin who survived long enough to retire?

We joined the party just as we had last left them – somewhat shocked and suspicious regarding the arrival of Reniss, the Half-Elf Ranger who tracked the All-Knighters down after they had completed their investigation into “Modra.”

Evidently, her sister was Jen of the Farstriders, whose body you encountered in the Nexus, with the rest of her comrades. Reniss was saddened by this, but pleased that a Preist of the Raven Queen was there to make her passage easier. Still, before Jen died, she sent her sister a message on a Sending Stone, just the word “Modra” and in her investigations, Reniss had learned that this Modra was at one time tied to al Almshouse in Tradetown called the Happy Beggar.

Though they were expecting a double-cross (as all good adventuring types do) they and Reniss went to the Happy beggar, and investigated, learning that it was in fact, an almshouse. No evidence whatsoever indicated that the two Paladins who ran it knew anything of any “Modra” nor of any arms dealing that might have been happening under their noses, in fact, the Husband was beginning to become a bit miffed at the mere suspicion that such activity could be happening without his knowledge…

Also notable was their encounter with an aged, disease-ravaged man who claimed to have run Modra off several years ago. The story teller regaled the party with tales of his daring-do as a younger lad, and seemed to focus quite a bit on the “tools of the trade” as it were, describing his opponent’s weapons and armor (and his own) with a level of detail that could only come form someone with first-hand experience. This man, Brenant, offered the party a bit of advice as he left to get his Medicine — if you find Modra, kill him quickly. Dark Creepers are rarely as ink-hearted as Modra, he claimed, and he could not be trusted.

Tor and Reniss slipped out after him, but were unable to pick up even the slightest trail, and when asked, the Paladin Prashant informed the party that the man had only arrived an hour before the party had, and was nobody he had seen before.

Having ruffled feathers sufficiently, the All Knighters decided to retire, and returned the next day, meekly asking forgiveness and offering to volunteer for the day to make up for any perceived slight. Their assistance was gratefully accepted.

Once integrated into the goings-on at the Happy Beggar, Tor had an opportunity to check out a locked door in the basement, which they had been told led to a caved-in basement. To everyone’s surprise, he was able to open the lock easily, and discovered that behind the door there was indeed a caved in passage, but his keen senses told him that there was something not right with this scene, and with a minor amount of investigation, he discerned that though it LOOKED like a cave-in, it was actually deliberately arranged, and concealed a second passage, which descended deep into the stone beneath Overlook.

The last 10 feet of the passage descended sharply and was a slippery, scree-covered slope, highlighting the fact that even Tor can miss an Acrobatics roll sometime, and all of the All-Knighters (save for Reniss, who is not actually an All-Knighter as much as an All-Knighters-Hanger-On, which just takes too long to type and is not at all an inspiring a term) slid into what seemed to be a natural cavern, inhabited by a pod\nest\pack of Shadowhunter Bats, who set about immediately swooping and slashing at the party, though not to much effect, as all but one of the bats died (the last escaping down a tunnel) and the most damage dealt to a PC was when Gront leapt with abandon off a 20’ cliff and landed poorly. We ended the session with the echoing cries of the wounded bat, screaming as it fled down the hallway carved into the wall of the cavern…


Nobody used any Hero Points, so I assumed a +30% bonus at the end of the session, and it is included in these numbers:

  • Silus: 195
  • Tor Lun: 195
  • Halcyon-01: 195
  • Gront: 195
  • Falco: 195


no dings this time round, but it was only a single, minor encounter. Much more to come…


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