The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 7: Loose Ends and Lost Teeth

The last of the residents of Brindol rescued

Session Date: July 25th, 2010

We joined our Heroes, having just dispatched the last of the were-rats and the Carnage demon they unleashed. After investigating some astonishingly quiet doors, the group, led by the automated glory of Superminions Lamorik and Hal, crashed into a shrine to Vecna, from which there was no escape for the two Were-rats and their ally, a Gnome arcanist. Though the Arcanist tried his level best to delay and inhibit the party, there was no delaying the inevitable boot-to-the-neck from Tor.

(Which reminds me, I forgot to get a Save for someone who was bitten by the Were-rat… I think it might have been Silus?)

From there, the group explored the remaining rooms on the second level, uncovering some sort of undead-bolstering black sun set into the floor of one room, and an automated (closed-circuit) scrying pool in another, which displayed to those assembled that this group was quite effective at ending the lives of all who opposed them, and not too good at the cleanup afterward.

Back-tracking, and reviewing the path of their progress, the group determined that there was not one, but two seperate doors that remained unexplored off of the original entryway into the crypt – the Von Jallach crypt, and the Rivenroars themselves. Keeping with tradition, they decided to take the right hand door – the Von Jallach crypt. Heading up the stairs with extraordinary stealth, Tor spied at least two swarms of small, toothy lizards, and was just reporting their existence to the rest of the team when they were alerted to tier presence, and came flooding down the stairs behind the monk, a wave of tooth and claw.

A pitched battle ensued, with Hal and Lamorik trying desperately to prevent the swarms from crashing over Falco’s squishy body, but ultimately falling before the chipper-shredder of Needlefing teeth. The battle was joined by yet another foul-minded gnome, who was ultimately tossed into one of the swarms, who took great exception to being stepped on, and thanks to the random determination Mechanic, attacked the gnome rather than the wounded cleric.

Ultimately, however, the Heroes were again victorious, though only by the skin of their teeth. Moving on to the adjoining room, they discovered the Dwarven Alchemist who had been kidnapped, leaving only one kidnapee unaccounted for.

Mechanical Updates:

As previously suggested, I have revamped the Action Point mechanic to a more dramatic Hero Point mechanic, awarding Hero Points for coolness, Heroism, or self-sacrifice (as appropriate) as well as for start-of-day, Start-of-session, and Milestones. I put together some groovy cards to be used for these Hero Points, and the cards detail what they can be used for. Among other things, saving them grants you a +10% XP bonus, but I am betting that the other possible uses for them will enable more super-heroic, cinematic gameplay, rather than just hoarding for XP.

  • Two Encounters: the Von Jallach Crypt (525 xp) and the Shrine of the Obelisk (450xp) = 975 starting
  • Lamorik: 200 (2 encounters as a Superminion)
  • Hal: 200 (2 encounters as a Superminion)
    Subtotal: 575xp remaining, three PC’s = 191XP each
  • Tor: 191 x1.4 = 267xp
  • Falco: 191 × 1.3 = 248xp
  • Silus: 191 x1.2 = 229xp



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