The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 8: Are you as Dumb as you are Ugly? Get me OUT of his thing!

Rescuing the Witch, a room of Fungus, and ill-tempered Drakes

The party, flush from their victory over the chomping swarms and ill-tempered Gnomes, released the captured Dwarven Alchemist, and moved on to the last of the crypts.

Venturing down the last, deep staircase, the party encountered aruined crypt, overrun with mushrooms of bewildering variety. Oh, yeah, and two large Rage Drakes. Though thier movement was impeeded by the need to avoid setting off certain ’schooms (the least dangerous of which were Shriekers), the team dispatched the Drakes, and continued on into the next room, where they discovered the last captive, the “witch” who turned out to be only wicked insofar as her temper and use of profanity.

Captured in the middle of a dangerous but unstable magic circle, Falco was able to extract the poor old woman, though perhaps not with the gentleness that she was expecting. Regardless, the rescue completed, and the recovery of all of the stolen artefacts achieved, the party returned to Brindol, taking as easy and calm a path as possible.

On returning to the City of Brindol, the party was greeted as heroes, and though the Council lamented the loss of the Captain of the Guard, it was recognized that losing him was in no way the fault of the Party, and in fact, it was through their timely and heroic intervention that more loss of life was avoided.

  • The Mushroom Chamber: 500XP
  • *rescuing all the abductees: *500XP
  • Returning the Artifacts to the Hall of Valor: 100xp
  • Base XP Total: 1100XP /5 = 220XP
Hero point XP Bonuses:
  • Lamoric: 30% = 286XP
  • Hal: 20% = 264XP
  • Tor: 20% = 264XP
  • Silus: 10% = 242XP
  • Falco: 30% = 286XP

+400GP to the party as rewards for the completed quests (80GP each)

This completes Chapter 1 of the Scales of War, the Ruins of Rivenroar.



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