The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 9: the Rise of the All-Knighters

The All-Knighters finally get a name! Also, adventure!

Having rescued the people and historic artifacts of Brindol from Sinruth’s attempt at re-creating the Red Hand, our heroes spent a bit of well-earned R&R in Brindol before setting off to answer the Call to Arms sent out by the city of Overlook, the trade center of Elsir Vale, as well as being its primary defense against Orcish infiltration from beyond the Stonehome Mountains.
Overlook region map
While making the three-day walk to Overlook, along the Dwarfroad, after two uneventful days of travel, less than a day from Overlook, the party was ambushed at night by a team of Orcish Raiders, who bit off more than they could chew, and while a single Drudge was able to escape – a first for any foes the party had faced thusfar – an unasked (and as yet un-answered) question remains… how could an Orcish raiding party make it to this side of the Stonehome Mountains? Especially less than a day’s walk from Overlook istelf?

Arriving in the fortress-city of Overlook, the party, somewhat ironically christened the All Knighters, took in the city’s sights and sounds for a few days (primarilly the Boneyard and the Blister) spending the occasion to catch up on their gambling, whoring, and wardrobe-upgrades. Lamoric managed to not only find a new and astonishingly clean Brothel in the Blister, the Sanctified, but also reconnected with an old Army buddy, Captain Norice Tigersoul. Recently mustered out, he had traveled to Overlook to work as an arms dealer and mercenary agent to assist in the Council’s need to raise forces.

He may well turn out to be a good contact for information, work, and equipment if needed…


When the Council called the meeting of Adventurers in the High Hall (which was a very impressive place, if you remember), they informed the gathered adventurers that the bulk of them would be reinforcing the troops at Bodrin’s Pass to fend off the gathering Orc Horde (the match of which has not been seen in generations) while the most powerful of the teams, the Farstriders, were tasked with securing the tunnels under Bodrin’s Watch (a task that the leader of the Farstriders voiced great displeasure for), the All Knighters were requested\hired (1000gp on completion) to evacuate the Monestary of the Sundered Chain.

The journey to the Monestary progressed apace, and the party arrived at the gates just after the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Met by what was at first thought to be a particularly rowdy group of very tall dwarves with extremely bad dental hygiene and some sort of skin pigmentation issues, the lightning-fast analytical skills of the All Knighters quickly deduced that the Monestary was in fact already over-run with Orcs, and set about on the “sanctioning” of said interlopers, mainly due to their penchant for defiling altars and eating Dwarfmeat.

This was an activity to which the All Knighters took to with great relish, and even a bit of mustard, as the Orcs fell before Bastard Sword and Fleshgrinder Axe like wheat to a scythe – I think that about uses up my food puns.

As we finished the session, hastily cleaned up the most awesome Seychelles room, and fled for the train, there were a few things remaining to be determined before the party’s next move… XP and Treasure.


Some of these XP award you guys have already been granted, so please do not include them a second time…

  • Road Side Jumpify: 520XP (awarded)
  • Tromping through the Wilderness skill Challenge: 750XP (already awarded)
  • Guards at the Gates: 564XP (112 XP each)
  • the Hall of Moradin: 651 XP (130XP each)
  • Bonus XP: based off of the full 497XP per person XP reward for the session. Silus had 3 Hero Points.

I didn’t get a chance to mention this before, but the Witch Doctor\Hag was carrying a staff… a VERY nice one, in fact, under all the bones and filth that she strung up on it, and outside of the fact that she was using it upside down… she clearly had no idea it was a + 2 Aversion Staff (+2 Staff Implement, +2d8 on crits, grants a +2 item bonus on all defenses against attackers who are subject to effects from you as a Property).



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