Captain Norice Tigersoul

An old Army Buddy of Lamorik's who stayed in the service after Lamorik left.


Norice at iplay4e

A Level 4 Human Warlord of the Tactical persuasion


Lamorik came across Norice at the Sanctified, a Brothel he found by accident deep within the Blister. Norice had taken the Sanctified as a second home, and is often found there partaking in its delights of both the carnal and culinary sort.

Recently mustered out of the Service, he now makes his way through the world as an arms dealer, using his extensive contacts in Military society to broker deals. Overlook’s recent need to raise an army has been quite profitable for him, and he has begun to branch out into the buying and selling of more exotic items. While their risks might be greater, the profit margins are larger, and they are easier to move than cases of pikes are.

Captain Norice Tigersoul

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