The Deliverer

Heavy Crossbow-cum-musket used by the Raven Queen's Hunters.

weapon (ranged)

This weapon emits a roaring screech when fired, expelling a crossbow bolt shrouded in elemental flame and smoke.

For all intents an purposes this is a Heavy crossbow, and even uses the same ammunition. However, because of the damage done to the bolt when fired, alchemical ammunition is not safe to use in it, ammunition is never recoverable, and it inflict crushing damage, not piercing.

Years ago Father Gyre had it enchanted (+2 Point Blank)to assist in his former career as a Hunter for the Raven Queen’s church.


A relic of unknown origin and manufacture, the Deliverer was used for years by Father Gyre of the Rookery of Bone in Overlook. It appears to be a strange type of heavy crossbow, but is devoid of Arms or bowstring, and the groove down which the bolt would normally travel is encased within a mithril cylinder. Near the trigger assembly, the Deliverer sports a lever that opens a chamber on the top of the weapon, into which a standard crossbow quarrel can be inserted. When closed (by rocking the lever forward again), an elemental spirit of flame is awakened within the stock. The person holding the Deliverer can feel its heat within the weapon, as well as a slight vibration, but not enough to throw off their aim or cause any harm. When the trigger is depressed, this spirit devours the shaft and fletching of the quarrel, converting it into pure elemental flame, which propels the head of the bolt down a mithril-lined tube affixed to the spine of the weapon’s stock.

When the flame, smoke, and semi-liquefied bolt exit the end of the tube, the sound is reminiscent of both a Raven’s croak and distant thunder.

The Deliverer

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