The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 6: And Stay Down!
The very Lords of Rivenroar fall before the as-yet-unnamed All-Knighters!

Session Date: 6/27/2010

The most recent session began with the plundering of Sinruth’s private quarters, including the retrieval of several of the missing artefacts from the Hall of Valor. After returning the shell-shocked Mirtala and the lovely Jalissa, Inniate of Ioun (Lamorik will be saddened to discover that they are a Celibate order) to the Base-camp outside of the Tomb, Silus’ medical skills proved capable of helping Mirtala overcome some of the more terrible aspects of Filth Fever, but she is not yet out of the woods, and will need her rest.

Also in need of rest was the party themselves, and decided that they were well served by taking an evening to recharge, as it were, and re-entered the dungeon in the early morning, intent of recovering more of the stolen citizens of Brindol. With Jalissa’s information, they knew that the boy Thurann was likely nearby. He was, and had been repeatedly menaced by the roving pack of undead that, as was dramatically appropriate, emerged from the adjoining room just as Thurann was freed. It was not a decisive battle, but it was a victorious one for the Heroes. Undaunted, they continued on, sending Thuran (who adamantly refuse to beleive that his father was dead) back out to the entrance, to rejoin the base-camp where he could be fed, cleaned, healed, and eventually, returned to Brindol.

The intrepidness continued in full force, with the party making their way to the very hall of the Lords of Rivenroar, and dispatching them with tremendous stank and effectiveness, before continuing on to eviscerate an Eviscero Demon and its Were-rat keepers, the last of which was smote, yeah verily, by the awful viscious Bastard Sword of Lamoric, dealer of Awful Viscious Bastard-ish-ness. We ended the session with the party assembled before a closed door past the room where the Eviscero had been bound…

  • Honor Guard Crypt: 650XP
  • Lords of Rivenroar Audience Chamber: 500XP
  • Crypt Guardian Chamber: 550XP

Total: 650+550+500 = 1700xp, divided 5 ways = 340XP each. I think a couple of you had a single chip, which adds (if memory serves) 150XP

Session 5: the Death of Sinruth
Sinruth, defeated!

Session Date: 4/18/2010

Picking up immediately from the end of the last session, the Party (which is still lacking a name, I feel obligated to point out) engaged the Dire rats, and continued their charge through the Rivenroar Family crypt. Despite the sneaky application of a pair of Gnomes’ warpicks, the party dispatched the Dire rats and the Gnomes with aplomb, rescuing the mentally shattered Cook, who was then led to safety by Tor, who will, I am sure, be rejoining the group before the continuation of their adventures.

From there, the party moved back through the Spiderweb Landing, and made their way upstairs, eagerly launching themselves into the warm embrace of spitting Drakes, Hobgoblins, and a Goblin Hexer.

It did not go well for the Goblins.

In short order, Lamorik and Hal plowed through the Hobgoblins and the drakes, ultimately trapping the Hexer in a room from which it had no exit, before smiting him utterly, and rescuing his Prisoner, a beautiful but very scared Acolyte of Ioun. After calming her fears, they fortified her location before driving further into the catacombs. Making their way down a long corridor, they came into a room filled with ominous and unnaturally cold stones, where they were met by Sinruth himself, a massive Hobgoblin clad in spiked platemail and swinging a spiked chain with far more capability than any of the foes they had encountered previously. Even his ability to curbie tripped opponents was not enough, however, and he fell to the might of Falco’s Magic Missiles.

We left the party standing around the body of their fallen foe, leader of the Red Hand, who was leaking precious humors across the cold stones.

Encounter run-down:
  • Fresco Chamber: 550XP for handily dispatching the Dire Rats and Gnomes, and rescuing Mirtala, the Catatonic Chef. Tor gets Superminion XP for his role in this battle.
  • Taking Mirtala out of her catatonia: 100 XP for the Skill Chalenge
  • Von Aldrez-Kauthin Crypt: 550XP for defeating the Hexer and his forces, and Lamorik gets Kudos (bot not addtional XP) for his sheer tenacity and mad-on for getting to that Hexer. Oh, yeah, and rescuing the girl.
  • Sinruth’s Abode: 625 XP for the knock-down drag-out, Daily-burning slaughter of a massive and formidable foe.
XP Totals:

(550-100)+100+550+625 = 1725/4 = 431xp each. Brian gets 100 XP for his fight as a Superminion.


On examining Sinruth, you discover certain important things. First is that he’s wearing the Iron Gauntlets that were stolen from the Hall of Valor. Second, there is a pocket under his Breastplate that contains a sheaf of documents, now more than a little blood-spattered, but still readable. One is a map of the region, but with several paths listed rather than the one you had gotten from the Captured Hobgoblin back n Brindol. Also marked on the map are several locations that are annotated to be particularly good ambush sites. The Second is a map of Brindol, with a location indicating the Hall of Valor. The third… is a letter

Session 4: The Changing of the Guard
The Party Roster, solidified

(Session date: 3/14/2010)

Session Overview:

The parties met, amongst the ruins of the Goblin Warrens, and it was decided (with great Bombast on the part of Brian the Blessed) to escort Sartainian to a safe distance outside the Ruins. There, Saga, Brian, Hal, and Gnash would set up a well-defended camp to protect the prisoners as they were retreived by this new party, and Lamorik would accompany them to provide much-needed defensive capability.

We ended the Session with Lamoric poking his head around the corner into what was clearly a temple of some sort, where he could see a middle-aged woman who had been tied to the front of an Altar. She has a number of wounds on her, and did not seem to respond as the Dire Rats in the room hissed and turned toward the hallway that the party was emerging from.

  • Spiderweb Landing: A hard-fought Victory, with several memorable moments, including an (inadvertent) critical on a party member, and chasing down a horribly wounded Ettercap. 550XP
  • Rivenroar Family Crypt: The Hobgoblins were mowed through easily, as players and PC’s both began to gel into a coherent team, with the Striker striking, the Defender Defending, the Leader healing, and the Controller continuing to be ineffectual through no fault of his own. 525XP +250XP for the remaining Goblin Sharpshooters from a previous room.
XP Totals:

550+525+250=1325/4=331 XP each (Myron gets an additional 150 XP for saving his chips)

Session 3: the Descent
The party ventures into the Ruins of the Rivenroar Crypt

(Originally posted on the Wave, 1/25/2010)

Well, our intrepid heroes, with the assistance of the somehow still alive Brian the Blessed and Lamoric the Warrior, began their rescue mission with a hearty “Ho there!” and “What for!” and even the occasional “Oh my hairy flippin’ gods what is THAT?”

The first chamber they encountered, following the Left-erly route, was a small garisson of Hobgoblins, who managed to get off little more than an “urk!” before they were incinerated and chopped into small moist bits. Content in thier sucess, they continued to the left… always to the left.

The next room proved to be more challenging to the team, where they faced not only a pair of life-sucking specters from beyond, but an Ochre Jelly from the Fetid Swamps of Somewhereelseentirely! Brian managed to grapple the acidic thing, shortening his beard considerably, but yet somehow not his life.

The final room of the day’s adventuring began with a “fwoosh” continued with an “OW!” and ended with a “hey, now, is anyone there?” as the party was jumpified by not one, but two Lava claws, then stabbified by a pair of altogether not happy Gnomes with very large, pointy picks. Undaunted even by the near death of their Dragonborn comrade, the party continued north – the closest thing to Left that was not in fact returning the way they came – and discovered an old man, the Castelan of the Hall of Valour, Sertainian!

Though the Teifling’s Adventurer-sense tingled horribly that this was a trap, and that no adventure could be so obvious, it turned out to be a bit of undigested chex mix, and yes, in fact, this was a legitimately old man who was legitimately excited about being rescued, though precisely how remains to be seen. Leaving him to the gentle ministrations of his gracious hosts – who would be no doubt interested in knowing how it was that he had killed his Gnome guards but not left – was considered, but abandoned as being really dumb. Equally difficult for him would be to make his way back through the Kuthrik-infested wilderness alone.

I beleive that the current favorite idea is to bring the old man to an external base-camp, where he can hide until your return. An additional option that I just thought up would be to have Brian stay with him in the room where you found him, and press on, in the hopes of clearing out enough of the creatures in this crypt that he would remain safe, possibly adding more rescued civilians to Brian’s protection.

As an aside, in the absence of PC’s playing both Krynn and Lamoric, the crypt full of long-dead-and-astonishingly-not-about-to-leap-to-life skeletons (becasue what adventure would be THAT obvious!) was left un-plundered, despite the sparkly acoutrements some of them possessed. The idea being – and I actually have to compliment Minger and Mig on this one – that messing with falen knights was just not OK. Kudos to you for following your character’s choices rather than your own. I will rember that.

Enough of your Blather! On to XP!

  • Goblin Warens: VICTORY! 250XP
  • The Portal Room: VICTORY! 650xp
  • The Von Urstadt Crypt: VICTORY! 600xp
  • Sub-Total: 1500XP

-300 XP to the Superminions for taking many hits that would have otherwise been painful, leaves 1200XP to divide among 4 PC’s. Interestingly enough, leaving 300 XP to each of you, plus Chips:

Gnash: 400XP
Krynn: 450XP
Saga: 450XP
Hal: 300XP
Lamorik: 300XP (by pure conincidence)

Session 2: Heading out of Brindol

(Originally posted on the Wave, December 6th 2009)

XP Breakdown for the session:

  • Interrogating the Hobgoblin: FAILED, 0XP, and you were given a bad map
  • Tracking the Goblins: SUCCESS, 300XP, but becasue of the bad map, you were led into the…
  • Kruthik Ambush: VICTORY, 600XP (which turns out to be strangely more profitable than having succeeded at the interrogation)
  • The Chamber of Flame Unbound: 550XP

Brian the Blessed Superminion takes his 200XP comission for being the fall guy in 2 combats, leaving…

600+300+550-200=1250 /4 = 312XP each, plus Bonus Chips:

  • Lemorik: 100XP +312=412
  • Saga: 150XP + 312 = 462
  • Krynn: 100XP +312 = 412
  • Hal: 100xp + 312 = 412

Brian the Blessed gets 200 XP for the session as well. I’m thinking about converting Brian into some kind of Monster NPC for once Steve leaves in January, and have him continue with the party as an entertaining and still mostly effective Companion character…. I’ll have to look into the mecahnics of that a bit more

All in all, you guys did well! I really think that you’re beginning to work together well, and despite Hal’s hoarding of the Body-count, you all did quite well. We’re just now getting into what looks to be something of a real Old-school dungeon crawl, to a large part, and I hope that you will enjoy that.

I don’t think that any of you hit third level from this, but just in case, let me know.


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