The All-Knighters in Scales of War

Session 16: Beneath the Happy Beggar
In which the question is asked, do you really want to anger a Paladin who survived long enough to retire?

We joined the party just as we had last left them – somewhat shocked and suspicious regarding the arrival of Reniss, the Half-Elf Ranger who tracked the All-Knighters down after they had completed their investigation into “Modra.”

Evidently, her sister was Jen of the Farstriders, whose body you encountered in the Nexus, with the rest of her comrades. Reniss was saddened by this, but pleased that a Preist of the Raven Queen was there to make her passage easier. Still, before Jen died, she sent her sister a message on a Sending Stone, just the word “Modra” and in her investigations, Reniss had learned that this Modra was at one time tied to al Almshouse in Tradetown called the Happy Beggar.

Though they were expecting a double-cross (as all good adventuring types do) they and Reniss went to the Happy beggar, and investigated, learning that it was in fact, an almshouse. No evidence whatsoever indicated that the two Paladins who ran it knew anything of any “Modra” nor of any arms dealing that might have been happening under their noses, in fact, the Husband was beginning to become a bit miffed at the mere suspicion that such activity could be happening without his knowledge…

Also notable was their encounter with an aged, disease-ravaged man who claimed to have run Modra off several years ago. The story teller regaled the party with tales of his daring-do as a younger lad, and seemed to focus quite a bit on the “tools of the trade” as it were, describing his opponent’s weapons and armor (and his own) with a level of detail that could only come form someone with first-hand experience. This man, Brenant, offered the party a bit of advice as he left to get his Medicine — if you find Modra, kill him quickly. Dark Creepers are rarely as ink-hearted as Modra, he claimed, and he could not be trusted.

Tor and Reniss slipped out after him, but were unable to pick up even the slightest trail, and when asked, the Paladin Prashant informed the party that the man had only arrived an hour before the party had, and was nobody he had seen before.

Having ruffled feathers sufficiently, the All Knighters decided to retire, and returned the next day, meekly asking forgiveness and offering to volunteer for the day to make up for any perceived slight. Their assistance was gratefully accepted.

Once integrated into the goings-on at the Happy Beggar, Tor had an opportunity to check out a locked door in the basement, which they had been told led to a caved-in basement. To everyone’s surprise, he was able to open the lock easily, and discovered that behind the door there was indeed a caved in passage, but his keen senses told him that there was something not right with this scene, and with a minor amount of investigation, he discerned that though it LOOKED like a cave-in, it was actually deliberately arranged, and concealed a second passage, which descended deep into the stone beneath Overlook.

The last 10 feet of the passage descended sharply and was a slippery, scree-covered slope, highlighting the fact that even Tor can miss an Acrobatics roll sometime, and all of the All-Knighters (save for Reniss, who is not actually an All-Knighter as much as an All-Knighters-Hanger-On, which just takes too long to type and is not at all an inspiring a term) slid into what seemed to be a natural cavern, inhabited by a pod\nest\pack of Shadowhunter Bats, who set about immediately swooping and slashing at the party, though not to much effect, as all but one of the bats died (the last escaping down a tunnel) and the most damage dealt to a PC was when Gront leapt with abandon off a 20’ cliff and landed poorly. We ended the session with the echoing cries of the wounded bat, screaming as it fled down the hallway carved into the wall of the cavern…


Nobody used any Hero Points, so I assumed a +30% bonus at the end of the session, and it is included in these numbers:

  • Silus: 195
  • Tor Lun: 195
  • Halcyon-01: 195
  • Gront: 195
  • Falco: 195
Session 15: He could swim?
The All-Knighters return to Overlook, collect their reward for a job well done, and induct a new member.

So, we began the session, after much technical hand-wringing, retconning that rather than Lamorik having unbelievably survived the flooding of the Nexus, he did, in fact, die (Sorry Frank), though if need be, his well-poached body could conceivably be recovered if a resurrection proved to be needed.

Returning to Overlook, the All-Knighters (-1) got back to the Council Chambers at Caer Overlook, where the met Gront Gravenhorn, evidently a former champion gladiator minotaur who was complaining about the lack of defference that the secretary was giving him in his desire to be given an assignement as part of the defense of Bodrin’s Watch, even if he was mere days behind schedule… Conversations were had as they party awaited the arrival of the Councilman who was in meetings at the moment, and it was determined that Gront would be given a chance to prove his capabilities and, if all went well, become a full stake-holder in the All-Knighter’s franchise.

When Elder Cadrick finaly was able to join them, he immediately noticed that Lamorick was not, in fact, a 7’6" minotaur last he had seen him, and was saddened as much as was diplomatically appropriate by his passing. He also, for unknown and as yet undisclosed reasons, recognized Gront – perhaps the Elder has had some experience with the underground Arena Fighting circuit? – and when asked about the fate of the Monestary of the Sundered Chain, the following exchange occurred:

Cadrick: “So there were no survivors from the Monastery?”
Tor Lun: “Well, there was one person left alive, Kallad the Paladin.”
Cadrick: “Fantastic! I have heard of him, a warrior of great reknown, honor, and courage. But he is not with you?”
Silus: (morosely) “He fell at the Nexus.”
Tor Lun: (gravely) “He slew many orcs before he fell!”
Silus: (sincerity stretched badly) “Yes, 40 or more, with one hand behind his back.”
Tor Lun: (enthusiastically) “Underwater!”
Cadrick: (astonished) “He could swim?”
Tor and Silus: (flatly) “No.”

Taken to the Elder’s private chambers, the group was debriefed on the situation at Bodrin’s Watch, and it was suspected that while the scouts had determined that the Orc horde measured in the high tens of thousands, only a small fraction of that assaulted the Keep directly, leaving the Elder to wonder if the remaining forces were supposed to emerge from the Nexus and the Monastery, behind the lines, and were it not for the good work of the All-Knighters, Overlook would be heavily besieged, with the bulk of its forces engaged at the Watch.

Recognizing that it was only because the party covered both its task and that of the lamented and lost Farstriders, Cadrick presented them not only with their 1000 GP reward, but also that which was contracted for the Farstriders, fair pay for work completed.

From there, the party took some time to engage in what personal pursuits they liked, in this, the largest city in the region. Falco caught up on some ancient texts, Tor did … monk stuff (I can’t honestly remember what), Hal spent his days wandering the areas outside the boundaries of Overlook, hunting a huge wolf he had spied, while Gront and Silus offered thier services as preist and “Moves heavy things” guy at the Rookery of Bone.

After several days of this, Silus was summoned by the Rookery’s highest ranking preist, Father Gyre, a wretched and normally caustic man, who had seen many many winters, and heard many of the cries of the survivors. Surprisingly, however, the old man seemed to be vetting Silus, teasing out his knowledge of scripture as well as his sense of judgement and his opinion on taking the faith to the faithless in as … direct a way as necessary.

Seemingly pleased with Silus, Father Gyre presented him with the Deliverer, and told him to use it in health, some day to pass it on to another, as it ha been passed to him. Suitably humbled, Silus and Gront (who was busy at this point picking bits of things from his hooves) departed to meet up with the others.

Next, the All-Knighters decided to take an afternoon and go to Tradetown and take care of business. On the way back to the Mountain’s Hearth (the tavern in which they have a rented suite), the group was jumped by what at first seemed like muggers, but laughing soon faded into stoic battle-mindedness as the two Berserkers were reinforced by a wizard and three Guardsmen named Brad. Within moments, the battle was decided, leaving the party in possession of a scrap of parchment witha sketch of the strange key they had recovered from a Dark Creeper in the Nexus, and the word “Modra.” It was also discovered that all of the attackers wore an identical tattoo, of a theatre mask with no eyes. Identified by the Tavernkeeper at the Hearth as the Lost Ones – a major street gang in Overlook – the Party decided to see what they could learn about this “Modra” thing.

For days following, the All-Knighters scoured the city, gathering what information, overtly and clandestinely, about Modra. What they learned, after collecting what they knew, was that Modra was a Dark Creeper, and some kind of Front man from an arms dealer that worked out of Overlook. He was apparently on the lam, after a deal went bad. He had been looking for information about the tunnels under the Stonehome mountains, and had been seen speaking with a Shadar-Kai witch that fit the description of the crazy masochist Shadar-Kai that was working with Tusk. Once could conclude that it was Modra who had been supplying Tusk with the information, weapons, and armor he used to penetrate Overlook’s defenses, but the deal went badly (largely because of the intervention of the All-Knighters) and Modra was now on the run.

So, given his predicament, one wonders, why would he be so interested in that key?

Finally putting together all the pieces, the party is approached by a half-elven woman, equipped and armed as some sort of scout or ranger, who informed them that she had heard that they were looking for Modra, as was she but not, perhaps for the same reasons.


  • base: 975 + 700 = 1675, five ways = 335xp each
  • Silus: 435xp (DING)
  • Tor Lun: 402xp (DING)
  • Halcyon-01: 402xp
  • Gront: 402xp
  • Falco: 402xp (DING)
Session 14: Lets Finish This! (or, the Massacre at the Nexus)
The All-Knighters seal the Nexus, make a lot of Drudge Stew, and almost lose their wizard.

As the session opened, the All-Knighters searched the empty Dwarf Barracks, discovering that they were, in fact, empty. This lack of pillage opportunities is likely what drove the Orcs they had encountered their to charge headlong into a meat grinder, or perhaps it was just because they were stupid.

Whatever the case, there was nothing of value, and so thy continued on, to the final chamber – the Nexus.

As they entered the chamber, the Drudges started emerging from the connecting tunnels, and the All-Knighters began the long slog to the top of the spiraling catwalk, some 80 feet overhead. There, Kalad assured them, they would find the control panel needed to seal the Nexus, but the levers had to be thrown in a specific order, and if the orcs got there first, they could destroy and chance of sealing the nexus. He failed to mention, however, that “sealing” the nexus meant filling the entire complex with boiling water..

The Heroes fought their way toward the goal, intercepted by wave on wave of Drudges (crunch all you want, we’ll make more), a pair of Orog Militants, a pair of Bolt Throwers, and ultimately, Merissa the Shadar-Kai Witch and Tusk the Orog Cheiftan, a massive beast of an Orog, and master of this horde.

Funny thing about being a Superminion, when an Orog Militant hits you, then pushes you off a 20’ ledge, the rest of the party just leaves you there… as it turned out, that was a good plan, as they ended up pulling out every Daily, all but one of one person’s action points, and using almost all their Surges to make their way to the console. In an especially balsy and almost self-destructive move, Falco used his familiar to figure out the Control console, triggering it just as Merissa arrived at the top of the chamber, which left him “neck deep” – literally – as the bottom of the Nexus quickly filled with boiling water.

(Here, I’d like to add as an aside that after re-reading Familiars, they are not able to manipulate or pick up items unless otherwise specified. I see this as a perfect example of using a Hero Point to “Power Stunt” the familiar to be able to operate the Console. Mig should have earned 1 HP for leaving himself in such a dangerous position while the rest of the party advanced on Tusk and Myrissa as well… so I’ll call it a wash, but in the future, I’d ask for a Hero Point to be able to do that.)

Swimming in dead-orc stew, Falco managed to get around to the far side of the chamber, and was rescued by the rest of the party, who lowered him a rope, pulling his ass out of hot water and force-feeding him a healing potion. Still being swarmed by wave after wave of Drudges, the party escaped through the hatch in the ceiling, but only barely. Kallad was not so fortunate, and died holding off Drudges so Falco could escape the rising water.

Making their way back to the camp-site, the discovered an unconscious Lamorik, collapsed and still steaming outside the entrance to the Vents, now also almost entirely flooded with boiling water. Apparently, he had been carried by the first surge of the water out of the facility, awakened by the searing pain of being boiled alive as the skipped across flagstone, steel, and stone, to be ejected back into the volcanic tunnels of the Vents. Only through a staggering combination of luck, faith, and sheer pig-headed refusal to die did he make his way to the mouth of the tunnels, where he promptly collapsed.


  • The Nexus (base): 1590XP
  • +37 additional Drudges in the Nexus: 1452XP
  • Finishing the Quest (to seal the tunnels under the mountains and save Bordrin’s Watch): 750XP
  • Subtotal: 3792XP, divided 4 ways: 948XP ea
  • Silus: 948xp
  • Tor Lun: 948xp
  • Halcyon-01: 948xp
  • Lamorik: 758xp (superminion rate)
  • Falco: 1042xp


On returning to the Elders at Overlook, you are paid the agreed on 1000gp as a team, and have the gratitude of the council for you going beyond the call in saving their collective butts.

The Aftermath:

Massacre at the nexus

Session 13: We'd better kill them all. Its the only way to be sure.
Not willing to leave anything to sneak up behind them, the All-Knighters purge the Orcish Taint.

After bringing the suddenly far more animated Lamorik back up to speed on all, or at least the highlights, of the blood and conquest he had engaged in, the All-knighters strode purposefully through the doors leading from what Kallad called “the Boiler Room.” Beyond those doors lay a wide hallway, stretching to the left, the right, and straight ahead. Ahead of them lay the door to the Nexus (again, according to Kallad’s unerring memory), while to the left and right lay a Garrison’s quarters and a Temple of Moradin, respectively. A light shone through the slightly open door to the Quarters, but the sight of a Drudge and the horrible wet sounds coming from the Temple demanded immediate attention.

To quote a famous warrior whose ultimate fate hopefully does not reflect anyone of this intrepid party,

“Oh look, they brought a Cave Troll.”

And so they did. A pitched battle ensued, as the Party faced their first regenerating creature, as well as a pair of Orc grenadiers and their Drudge companions. My only regret was that while I finally DID manage to get a grab on someone, I was not able to use them as a weapon… a pity.

Once the Troll was downed, and the chain-reaction of exploding Grenadiers was completed, the Temple was purified by Kalad, and the party continued, heading across the hallway and utterly pureeing a squad of Orcs with such a successful use of a Monk daily power that it caused a Cavern Choker to piss itself in fear.

  • A Milestone was reached, so +1 AP for next session (except Hal)
  • Shrine to Moradin: 764 XP
  • Dwarf Quarters: 645 xp
  • Sub-Total: 1409 xp, divided 4 ways = 352 XP base
  • Lamoric: 457
  • Hal: 281
  • Tor: 457
  • Silus: 457
  • Falco: 492
  • 1x potion of Healing
  • Boots of Spider Climbing (which I believe Tor has)
  • 170gp, 300sp
Session 12: My Enemy's Ally is ... My Enemy too!
The All-Knighters proceed into the Nexus, undaunted.

Faced with a corpse-littered hallway and a group of three automatons, the All-Knighters did as they are wont to do: charge down the hallway with gleeful abandon! Naturally, Silus was the first to trip the automated crossbow trap, but not the last, and while the party only tripped half of the automated defenses, between the two automated crossbows, two Iron Defenders, and an Arbalest, the All-Knighters were able to scrape past. Tor, in particular, was flickering back and forth between bloodied and not. The Superminion-ified Hal and Lamorik pulled yeoman’s service, taking more than their fair share of damage, and (Frank will be happy to hear) actually racking up a Kill or two despite their automated state.

In the room following, a vast stone room dominated by massive iron pipes running along the walls, the party was peppered with arrows from Orc Scouts while Drudges charged them, heedless of the inevitable consequences. Again, it as only from the blessings of the Raven Queen that the party emerged triumphant. Several of the Scouts tried to escape, but between Hal, Lamorick and the Kallad (Dwarven Paladin that they had rescued from the Sundered Chain), they were stopped (that is, killed mercilessly) before they could open the iron-banded doors.

The most notable foe they faces was the Dark One who flickered in from the shadows just long enough to sheathe a dagger into Tor’s back, but ended up taking a mad Crane’s Wing assault in return, but the question remains, why would a Dark One be working with Orcs?

  • A Milestone has been reached, so everyone starts next session with +1 Action Point card
  • The Gauntlet: 775XP
  • The Boiler Room: 1095XP
  • Sub-total: 1870XP
  • Per PC base: 623XP
  • Tor: 623+20% = 747xp total
  • Falco: 632+40% = 872xp total
  • Silus: 623+20% = 747xp total
  • Hal & Lamorik: 623-20% = 498xp
  • we had to bounce out fast at the end of the session so I could catch my train, but I will assume that you looted the bodies as needed.
  • Also found in the room is the beheaded corpse of Jen, the Half-elf Warlock who was a member of the Farstriders.
  • Among the strangely vaporous remains of the Dark Creeper was found a large metal key of strange design…

Between all the bodies (including Jen) the party accumulated:

  • 2 potions of healing,
  • 2 gems worth about 100 GP each,
  • 80 GP loose, and
  • a magic belt.

I am assuming that between Falco and Silus, it would be identified as an Ironskin belt (Level 5 item, grants Resist 5 to all weapon damage until the end of your next turn as a Daily).

Session 11: Victory at the Sundered Chain
The Dwarves of the Sundered Chain avenged and laid to rest

The Session leapt off to a rollicking start, leaping directly into the battle with Og, the Orog Champion who had brutally beaten the last survivor of the Monetary to within a fraction of his life. The battle was fierce, with the party facing off against 6 Drudges, 2 Berserkers, an Eye of Gruumsh, and Og himself. The Drudges were slain before they even got as much as a Peter Jackson Approved barking bellow off, between the enthusiasm of Hal and Tor. This turned out to be a good thing, as once Og entered the battle, things became pitched indeed. Falco deftly prevented being laid open as Og took great Exception to being Ray-of-Enfeebled, and the Poor, much-maligned Eye of Gruumsh was not only pitched into a forge, but was laid prone within the forge, after taking both of Tor’s feet to the neck.

Incinerated before he could use many of his more supportive abilities, the Eye was unable to assist. However, the Bezerkers and Og showed themselves to be doughty indeed, and were able to lay Silus low, and though the battle went back-and-forth several times, the All Knighters were ultimately victorious, saving the last survivor of heMonestary, a de-bearded dwarf Paladin with a terribly haunted look about him named Kalad.

With Kalad’s assistance, the party made their way to the final choke-point in the tunnels below the Stonehome Mountains, a place he called “the Nexus,” with was built off of a volcanic vent zone called, appropriately, the Vents. There they found a campsite and tracks clearly leading into the Vents, presumably those of the Freeriders, one of the other adventuring companies that had been sent by Overlook to assist in preparing the defenses.

Making their way through the mist-filled and sulfurous vents, it took the party two tries to make their way successfully to the Deep Tunnels, from which the Nexus had been constructed. Once there, they found that it seemed that the Nexus has indeed already been over-run by Orcs. After luring them into an ambush, the party utterly devastated the orcs who had made it to the entrance to the Vents, but are now faced with a long (over 100’), wide hallway devoid of cover of any sort and evidently guarded by three constructs – an Arbalester and two Iron Guardians – who stand silently some distance ahead. The hallways is an Orc Abattoir, with dozens of Orc bodies littering the area.

XP and “the Lootz”
Base XP:

The Chamber of Works (1,264xp) + Navigating the Vents (300xp) + Entering the Vents (500xp) = 2064xp, divided 4 ways = 516XP base.

Superminions are no longer included as “active” PC’s when dividing XP among the party, but receive 80% of the base value of XP to keep from falling too far behind.

Bonus XP:
  • Falco: +30% = 671xp
  • Hal: +0% = 516xp
  • Tor: +30% = 671xp
  • Silus: +20% = 619xp
  • Lamorik: Superminion rate (80% of base): 413xp
  • Gold: 90 GP in coins, 240gp in (portable) art objects
  • Silver: 400 SP
  • Items: 1 potion of Healing (Tor, I think?) and a +2 Dynamic Longsword (Lamoric’s, if memory serves)
Session 10: Placeholder!

I can’t find my write-up for session 10, so just to put something in here…

This session covered the Hall of Heroes and the Descent down to the Chamber of Works.

  • Hall of Heroes: 889 XP
  • Into the Depths: 751 XP
  • Per PC base: 889+751=1640, or 410 each (328 for Lamorik)


  • The Map of Unseen Lands
  • Giantkind Gloves

I know the Lamorik was a Superminion, but I think everyone else was there? I’m also going to assume that no cards were spared. If I find the actual write-up for this session at some point, I will change the XP Log accordingly.

Session 9: the Rise of the All-Knighters
The All-Knighters finally get a name! Also, adventure!

Having rescued the people and historic artifacts of Brindol from Sinruth’s attempt at re-creating the Red Hand, our heroes spent a bit of well-earned R&R in Brindol before setting off to answer the Call to Arms sent out by the city of Overlook, the trade center of Elsir Vale, as well as being its primary defense against Orcish infiltration from beyond the Stonehome Mountains.
Overlook region map
While making the three-day walk to Overlook, along the Dwarfroad, after two uneventful days of travel, less than a day from Overlook, the party was ambushed at night by a team of Orcish Raiders, who bit off more than they could chew, and while a single Drudge was able to escape – a first for any foes the party had faced thusfar – an unasked (and as yet un-answered) question remains… how could an Orcish raiding party make it to this side of the Stonehome Mountains? Especially less than a day’s walk from Overlook istelf?

Arriving in the fortress-city of Overlook, the party, somewhat ironically christened the All Knighters, took in the city’s sights and sounds for a few days (primarilly the Boneyard and the Blister) spending the occasion to catch up on their gambling, whoring, and wardrobe-upgrades. Lamoric managed to not only find a new and astonishingly clean Brothel in the Blister, the Sanctified, but also reconnected with an old Army buddy, Captain Norice Tigersoul. Recently mustered out, he had traveled to Overlook to work as an arms dealer and mercenary agent to assist in the Council’s need to raise forces.

He may well turn out to be a good contact for information, work, and equipment if needed…


When the Council called the meeting of Adventurers in the High Hall (which was a very impressive place, if you remember), they informed the gathered adventurers that the bulk of them would be reinforcing the troops at Bodrin’s Pass to fend off the gathering Orc Horde (the match of which has not been seen in generations) while the most powerful of the teams, the Farstriders, were tasked with securing the tunnels under Bodrin’s Watch (a task that the leader of the Farstriders voiced great displeasure for), the All Knighters were requested\hired (1000gp on completion) to evacuate the Monestary of the Sundered Chain.

The journey to the Monestary progressed apace, and the party arrived at the gates just after the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Met by what was at first thought to be a particularly rowdy group of very tall dwarves with extremely bad dental hygiene and some sort of skin pigmentation issues, the lightning-fast analytical skills of the All Knighters quickly deduced that the Monestary was in fact already over-run with Orcs, and set about on the “sanctioning” of said interlopers, mainly due to their penchant for defiling altars and eating Dwarfmeat.

This was an activity to which the All Knighters took to with great relish, and even a bit of mustard, as the Orcs fell before Bastard Sword and Fleshgrinder Axe like wheat to a scythe – I think that about uses up my food puns.

As we finished the session, hastily cleaned up the most awesome Seychelles room, and fled for the train, there were a few things remaining to be determined before the party’s next move… XP and Treasure.


Some of these XP award you guys have already been granted, so please do not include them a second time…

  • Road Side Jumpify: 520XP (awarded)
  • Tromping through the Wilderness skill Challenge: 750XP (already awarded)
  • Guards at the Gates: 564XP (112 XP each)
  • the Hall of Moradin: 651 XP (130XP each)
  • Bonus XP: based off of the full 497XP per person XP reward for the session. Silus had 3 Hero Points.

I didn’t get a chance to mention this before, but the Witch Doctor\Hag was carrying a staff… a VERY nice one, in fact, under all the bones and filth that she strung up on it, and outside of the fact that she was using it upside down… she clearly had no idea it was a + 2 Aversion Staff (+2 Staff Implement, +2d8 on crits, grants a +2 item bonus on all defenses against attackers who are subject to effects from you as a Property).

Session 8: Are you as Dumb as you are Ugly? Get me OUT of his thing!
Rescuing the Witch, a room of Fungus, and ill-tempered Drakes

The party, flush from their victory over the chomping swarms and ill-tempered Gnomes, released the captured Dwarven Alchemist, and moved on to the last of the crypts.

Venturing down the last, deep staircase, the party encountered aruined crypt, overrun with mushrooms of bewildering variety. Oh, yeah, and two large Rage Drakes. Though thier movement was impeeded by the need to avoid setting off certain ’schooms (the least dangerous of which were Shriekers), the team dispatched the Drakes, and continued on into the next room, where they discovered the last captive, the “witch” who turned out to be only wicked insofar as her temper and use of profanity.

Captured in the middle of a dangerous but unstable magic circle, Falco was able to extract the poor old woman, though perhaps not with the gentleness that she was expecting. Regardless, the rescue completed, and the recovery of all of the stolen artefacts achieved, the party returned to Brindol, taking as easy and calm a path as possible.

On returning to the City of Brindol, the party was greeted as heroes, and though the Council lamented the loss of the Captain of the Guard, it was recognized that losing him was in no way the fault of the Party, and in fact, it was through their timely and heroic intervention that more loss of life was avoided.

  • The Mushroom Chamber: 500XP
  • *rescuing all the abductees: *500XP
  • Returning the Artifacts to the Hall of Valor: 100xp
  • Base XP Total: 1100XP /5 = 220XP
Hero point XP Bonuses:
  • Lamoric: 30% = 286XP
  • Hal: 20% = 264XP
  • Tor: 20% = 264XP
  • Silus: 10% = 242XP
  • Falco: 30% = 286XP

+400GP to the party as rewards for the completed quests (80GP each)

This completes Chapter 1 of the Scales of War, the Ruins of Rivenroar.

Session 7: Loose Ends and Lost Teeth
The last of the residents of Brindol rescued

Session Date: July 25th, 2010

We joined our Heroes, having just dispatched the last of the were-rats and the Carnage demon they unleashed. After investigating some astonishingly quiet doors, the group, led by the automated glory of Superminions Lamorik and Hal, crashed into a shrine to Vecna, from which there was no escape for the two Were-rats and their ally, a Gnome arcanist. Though the Arcanist tried his level best to delay and inhibit the party, there was no delaying the inevitable boot-to-the-neck from Tor.

(Which reminds me, I forgot to get a Save for someone who was bitten by the Were-rat… I think it might have been Silus?)

From there, the group explored the remaining rooms on the second level, uncovering some sort of undead-bolstering black sun set into the floor of one room, and an automated (closed-circuit) scrying pool in another, which displayed to those assembled that this group was quite effective at ending the lives of all who opposed them, and not too good at the cleanup afterward.

Back-tracking, and reviewing the path of their progress, the group determined that there was not one, but two seperate doors that remained unexplored off of the original entryway into the crypt – the Von Jallach crypt, and the Rivenroars themselves. Keeping with tradition, they decided to take the right hand door – the Von Jallach crypt. Heading up the stairs with extraordinary stealth, Tor spied at least two swarms of small, toothy lizards, and was just reporting their existence to the rest of the team when they were alerted to tier presence, and came flooding down the stairs behind the monk, a wave of tooth and claw.

A pitched battle ensued, with Hal and Lamorik trying desperately to prevent the swarms from crashing over Falco’s squishy body, but ultimately falling before the chipper-shredder of Needlefing teeth. The battle was joined by yet another foul-minded gnome, who was ultimately tossed into one of the swarms, who took great exception to being stepped on, and thanks to the random determination Mechanic, attacked the gnome rather than the wounded cleric.

Ultimately, however, the Heroes were again victorious, though only by the skin of their teeth. Moving on to the adjoining room, they discovered the Dwarven Alchemist who had been kidnapped, leaving only one kidnapee unaccounted for.

Mechanical Updates:

As previously suggested, I have revamped the Action Point mechanic to a more dramatic Hero Point mechanic, awarding Hero Points for coolness, Heroism, or self-sacrifice (as appropriate) as well as for start-of-day, Start-of-session, and Milestones. I put together some groovy cards to be used for these Hero Points, and the cards detail what they can be used for. Among other things, saving them grants you a +10% XP bonus, but I am betting that the other possible uses for them will enable more super-heroic, cinematic gameplay, rather than just hoarding for XP.

  • Two Encounters: the Von Jallach Crypt (525 xp) and the Shrine of the Obelisk (450xp) = 975 starting
  • Lamorik: 200 (2 encounters as a Superminion)
  • Hal: 200 (2 encounters as a Superminion)
    Subtotal: 575xp remaining, three PC’s = 191XP each
  • Tor: 191 x1.4 = 267xp
  • Falco: 191 × 1.3 = 248xp
  • Silus: 191 x1.2 = 229xp

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