Extending Power Durations

By spending either a Healing Surge or a Hero Point, PC’s can extend the duration of a power that is of non-instant duration. Only one surge or point can be spent in this way, only one power can be in an extended state at a time, and powers that either have no duration or that already last until canceled (such as a Rage or a Stance) can not be extended.

When extended, the duration of the power takes one step “down” on the following schema:

  1. Until the end of your turn
  2. Until the end of your Next turn
  3. Sustain (Move)
  4. Sustain (minor)
  5. Sustain (free)
  6. Until canceled or the end of the encounter

Powers that are sustained as a free action are no longer sustained if the PC is under the effect of any condition which provides all attackers with combat advantage, such as Dazed or Stunned (the assumption being that if they can’t pay enough attention to effectively defend themselves, they are probably not able to muster whatever willpower is needed to sustain the effect).

NOTE: I am considering making this a once-per-encounter ability of PC’s, like a second wind is, depending on how it ends up being used.

Extending Power Durations

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