Hero Points

A mechanical change that would make things a little more flamboyant and action-packed, but is a significant departure from what we’ve been doing:

  1. Eliminate the XP\Reroll Chips
  2. Eliminate “Action Points”
  3. Institute M&M-style Hero Points
Hero Points, and how they work:

Hero Points would be burnable for a reroll, using the “less-than-half-equals-half” addend from M&M, so your re-rolls would rarely suck.
Hero Points would be:

  • usable for any related power\feature that refers to Action Points.
  • earned by general coolness, setbacks, and random acts of Awesome, on top of the normal 1-per-milestone rate.
  • Burnable to pull a power stunt
  • At the end of a session, you can choose to cash in your Hero Points, if you have any, for a Percentage-based XP boost, +10% per point, with a maximum of +50%
Some possible options for expansion:

Hero Points can be burned, with a Surge, to be able to use a Ritual in combat. Doing so would reduce the casting time along the following guidelines:

  • 1 minute = Move action
  • 10 minutes = Standard Action
  • 30 minutes = Full-round action.
  • Every 20 by which you beat the required Skill Check reduces that by 1 step.

The durations of the Rituals would be similarly reduced by an order of magnitude (permanent → day → hours → minutes → rounds → Initiative ticks)

At the start of each session, each player gets 2 Hero Points, +1 for each action oint they would normally have.
4e hero point card

Hero Points

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