Pathfinder does not have a built-in rule set for Minions, and they are an aspect of 4E (as well as other systems like Savage Worlds) that I like. Being able to mow down mooks make a player feel good, but some of the mechanics of how Pathfinder deals with Hit POints and stuff is a bit tricky.

So I’m going to try this, in an attempt at Mook-ifying creatures. Note that this is subject to tweaking.

Minion (CR-4)

  • Minions get 1/2 hit points (30 HP max) and inflict 1/2 the average of any given attack’s damage, as a flat rate.
  • Minions are destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less, or whenever they suffer damage while already being wounded (i.e. while not at full hit points).
  • If the first successful attack against a minion hasn’t killed it, the second one will regardless of the damage inflicted.
  • Any incapacitating effects other than straight damage (fear, blindness, confusion, etc) automatically takes the minion out of the fight.
  • A minion suffers no damage or negative effects on a successful saving throw.
  • Four minions are considered to be about the same as a standard monster of their level.

So it is fairly easy to track: A minion is either at full health or wounded (in which case the next hit will automatically kill it)


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